Leasing and Transaction Management

Our solid expert team at The UrbanCorp W.L.L is trained to find right tenants with good lease terms. We assign a leasing team, which includes an experienced leasing manager, real estate orientated attorney and reputable leasing agents. We report the property value in the market regularly. We develop an approved budget that meets owner’s goals and objectives but also meets the financing requirements for the property and promote the property in relevant channels for tenant selection. We study and submit forecast projection report of annual rent income with consideration of rent, tax and other expenses.

We establish sound financial tools that can quickly calculate the negotiated deal’s “NER” (Net Effective Rental rate) and be adaptable to account for proposed changes in the deal’s terms and prepare the contract based on inspection report and lease agreement. We ensure that all online rental inquiries are responded to promptly and effectively. We assist with an in-depth understanding of site leasing trends, traffic patterns and product availability. We ensure the proper preparation and execution of the lease agreement and related move-in paperwork till the end of transaction and secure proper collection of all funds and move-in related fees. We provide support and assistance to all customer service efforts at the community.

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