At The UrbanCorp W.L.L, our aim is to provide personalized, reliable and cost-effective Property Management services to residential, commercial, retail, and mixed used development owners and investors.

We are committed to providing the most complete suite of services to protect and enhance your investment while optimizing your returns. We accomplish this by constantly improving our processes and incorporating new and better technologies.

To accomplish this goal, we examine the financial state of the asset, review the reserve fund, in light of prevailing real estate market, regulations and the assets’ demographic information.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of Integrity and transparency in dealing with our clients, residents, vendors and other stakeholders.  We will always involve our clients in every change that we recommend when it comes to their property.

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We at The UrbanCorp W.L.L assist in providing comprehensive facility services so that the property owner or owners’ association can focus on their core business.  We facilitate in procuring complete spectrum of facilities services and also plan preventive maintenance (PPM) schedule and lifecycle management, which can maximise the value of the asset, lower operating costs and simplify overall management.

We assist and offer a total solution for day-to-day services, which shall enhance the quality of the property and provide peaceful environment for the owners and tenants. All our maintenance activities are geared towards ensuring proper functioning of equipment and systems, reducing their deterioration and avoiding downtime, which can otherwise lead to serious financial repercussions on the clients.

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Our members at The UrbanCorp W.L.L ensure meeting ownership objectives. We provide consultancy service in choosing the right assets—in this case, properties—should be compatible with the client’s investment strategy, risk tolerance, and investment goals, just as with any other type of investment portfolio. There are several factors to consider when choosing properties for the portfolio such as purchase price, maintenance costs, potential repairs, holding costs, and, if possible, a sales price in the future.

Our core activity towards asset management comprises developing a plan, establishing and monitoring financial objectives, managing the audit process, making property financing recommendations, overseeing leasing/property management team, enhancing value, managing acquisitions/dispositions, addressing troubled assets.

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Our solid expert team at The UrbanCorp W.L.L is trained to find right tenants with good lease terms. We assign a leasing team, which includes an experienced leasing manager, real estate orientated attorney and reputable leasing agents.

We establish sound financial tools that can quickly calculate the negotiated deal’s “NER” (Net Effective Rental rate) and be adaptable to account for proposed changes in the deal’s terms and prepare the contract based on inspection report and lease agreement. We ensure that all online rental inquiries are responded to promptly and effectively. We assist with an in-depth understanding of site leasing trends, traffic patterns and product availability. We ensure the proper preparation and execution of the lease agreement and related move-in paperwork till the end of transaction and secure proper collection of all funds and move-in related fees. We provide support and assistance to all customer service efforts at the community.

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Buying or selling a Property is a big challenge! There is a lot to consider during this process, from the merits of buying over renting, doing your research, inspecting a property, making an offer, contracts and settlement.

It is very important to understand the range of assets that are included with business or personal which are often the core of the business and will be essential for its long-term success. Determining which assets are a “drag” on a business’s bottom line takes due diligence and a degree of focus, but it is an important step that should not be overlooked. During this process, we also offer property valuation services as per the standards of Bahrain Valuation Standards (BVS) and International Valuation Standard (IVS).

We want to take the mystery out of your buying or selling experience as we act and represent on behalf of the clients at all stages of the transaction process, from opportunity sourcing to due diligence, so The UrbanCorp W.L.L will guide and cover everything you need to know from start to finish.

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As qualified owners association managers at The UrbanCorp W.L.L. we have extensive experience which will minimize the complexity and challenges faced by the mixed-use community (joint owners).

We assist and provide professional services to joint properties of various categories to establish and maintain on behalf of the investors/joint owners as per the regulations.

We schedule and organize timely board general assembly meetings.

We arrange for successful and well-maintained mixed-use community with proactive management solutions.

We assist and provide strategy and budget plans with efficient cost saving programs.

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